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Hosting Technical Support - Scope of Support Provided

We're here to help. But we can't solve all of your problems.


Your website belongs to you; it is your property.

We do not provide support for errors in website code that are causing the website to not display and/or function properly. We will assist in troubleshooting to determine if a problem is the result of an issue or needed adjustment with the server, or with the website code. We will solve server issues; we will not fix website code issues, unless we are hired to do so (this is a separate service, fully independent of web hosting; it is "web maintenance" or "web development").


In many but not at all cases we will modify server settings or install modules that will help a website or script function as long as the change or new element does not impact the health and/or security of the server and/or network.


Wordpress websites

Sites created using the Wordpress platform present a significant security vulnerability related to the website itself. If you choose to use Wordpress be advised that securing the site is outside of the scope of our support (our role is to secure the web server). Please open a support ticket if you seek guidance in securing your Wordpress website; we offer specific advice on how to improve the security of your Wordpress site.


Pre-installed Scripts

In some cases, Web Studio Seattle provides pre-installed scripts. We ensure that the installer of these scripts functions correctly, and the base install of the application will function on our servers. We do not support the scripts themselves, or any plugins, themes or software installed (in example: third party products such as WordPress, Java, Joomla, Ruby, etc.). If you have questions or problems with a script or software product, please contact the creators/authors, and/or your web developer.


Your Software

Certain aspects of the web hosting service are accessed through software on the user's computer; for example: email software such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, website editing tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver or BBEdit, among others. While we provide guidance in configuring these software programs to access our services, the use of third party software products is the end-users' responsibility. We do not provide training or technical support for software applications, or provide troubleshooting beyond guidance with basic configuration related to connecting to the server or service.


For help with your software, please contact the company that created and/or sold the product.


We may, at our discretion, provide additional support or assistance beyond this scope, but it should be considered an exception, and not be taken as an expectation of further support outside of this scope.

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Technical Support is provided by hosting technicians in writing, accessed via the ZenDesk.

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